Wednesday, January 11, 2012

“Jolts Of Erotic Gust”

~You are in that of Passion’s flame
the essence of my soul~
~Euphoric acid within my veins
eating my body whole~ 
~Stunning my every arousing nerve
imbuing of desire~
~In causation of Passion’s burn
erupting in of fire~
~Exploding beats of hungry lust
pounding in my heart~
~Pumping jolts of erotic gusts
quaking lavatic sparks~
~I Long your embrace of Loveliness
bound within of kiss~
~Caressing your body’s tenderness
my hungry reminisce~
~Whispering words of Passion
nibbling on your neck~
~Loosing myself in Heaven
between your sultry breast~
~Exploring your every sensual curve
smelling your sweet perfume~
~As sultrily quivering of ripples surge
within your hungry womb~ 
~I will taste your Passion’s heat 
burning deep inside~
~Forbidden fruit from Eden’s tree
planted between your thighs~
~Penetrate my deepest crave
thrusting there in of~
~Deep within of Passion’s cave
entwined in making love~
~Two hearts beating as if one
in perfect unity~
~Reaching climax together cum
in Nova ecstasy~
Duke Sherman

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