Friday, January 6, 2012

Skin To Skin

~You are the blood within my veins
running hot in of~
~Volcanic lava’s fiery rain
bubbling in of lust~
~Imbuing Passion of my soul
setting in of fire~
~Engulfing of my body’s whole
burning of desire~
~I hold you in be of embrace
touching skin to skin~
~My heart in pounds be out of pace
quaking of within~
~Sending shivers down my spine
tearing at my loin~
~Tormenting of my seed enshrined
locked within my groins~
~I kiss the searing of your lips
tongues be in of dance~
~Drink the Passion in your spit
falling into trance~
~Inhale the essence of your soul
living within your breath~
~Embrace our Passion’s interfold
in that be of her bliss~
~Kiss the slender of your neck
nibble here in there~
~Touch the beauty be your breast
sucking rosen nips~
~Bathe Your body in caress
kissing with my lips~
~Map your body’s sultry curves
tasting of your sweat~
~Touching every erotic nerve
ecstasy beget~
~Taste of that Forbidden fruit
hanging from the vine~
~Drink of that the inner root
of warm in lucid wine~
~Penetrate the Garden’s bed
bask of that within~
~Drunk on that at my behest
of that the sweetest sin~ 
~Burning in of Passion’s lust
never letting go~
~Entwined in that of making love
melded as one soul~
~You are the blood within my vains
running hot in of~
~Volcanic lava’s fiery rain
bubbling in of lust~ 
Duke Sherman

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