Friday, January 27, 2012

Ride The Wave To Paradise


~Let me make sweet love to you
kiss your lips of wine~
~Drink the lust within your dew
tongues of intertwine~
~Swim the rivers of your length
taste your sultry sweat~
~Inhale your hungry feline scent
drown between your breast~
~Dive the depths of sweet delight
hunting Desires fruit~
~Buried deep within your thighs
bleeding of the root~
~Let me hold you close to me 
touch your naked skin~
~Fulfill your lust of ecstasy
burning of within~
~Embrace you in of hungry kiss
tastes your lips of wine~
~Drink the dew within your lips
tongues of intertwine~
~Map your body’s every curve
as you moan in sigh~
~Teasing every erotic nerve
 until your body cries~
~Taste the sweetness of the fruit
burred within your thighs~
~Drink the cumming of the root
brewing deep inside~
~Penetrate your deep delight
mixing liquid love~
~Ride the wave to Paradise
on Passion’s burning lust~
Duke Sherman

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