Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unto The Day Is Through

~I sit alone in want of you
my soul engulfed in flames~
~The fire burns my body through
quaking in my veins~
~My blood runs hot in that of lust
flaring thoughts of sin~
~I hunger that be of your touch
to taste your silky skin~
~The sweetness of you sultry lips 
the eager of your tongue~
~The lucid flavor in your spit
of honey being spun~
~To nibble on your slender neck
caress your busty breast~
~Suck of nipples full in thick
inhale your body’s sweat~
~I long the nectar of your fruit
bustling in of flow~
~Spewing from the tendered root
hungry for my soul~
~To quench my thirst of burning lust
in that of sweetest sin~
~ Elixir brewed of liquid love
within your velvet skin~
~Make love to you in meld our souls
entwined in that be of~
~Bask in that the afterglow
cooked in Passion’s lust~
~Embrace in that of hungry kiss
in falling into sleep~
~Succumbing to of Passion’s bliss
in that of ecstasy~
~To wake the morning of to come
lying next to you~
~Make love to you again at dawn
unto the day is through~
Duke Sherman

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  1. I enjoyed your writing… Very thoughtful and sensitive. Thanks you for sharing a piece of yourself. Lou