Saturday, January 22, 2011

Armageddon Is Near

Two photos of atomic bomb mushroom clouds, over two Japanese cities in 1945.
Have you ever thought about Death?
Taking Your last Breath!
Going to Hell,
or Heaven!
Pray tel,
to God I Beckon!
I Fear, 
Armageddon is Near!
The Mullahs in Iran,
are doing all They Can,
to Create a Bomb,
to Kill everyone!
I’ve been to War,
I’ve Seen it’s Horrors!
Now North Korea,
has the Idea,
to Restart that War,
and Spread their Horror!
Their can be No Peace for Man,
in All the Lands,
with Nuts in Power,
Wanting the World to Devour!
Our President sits on his Ass,
saying: “This Will Pass”!
Apologizes to Nations,
for giving them Salvation!
They call him “The Messiah”,
He is No more than a Pariah! 
With him in Power,
Near is the Hour,
of Our Destruction,
It’s a Simple Deduction!
We Must Hope And Pray,
that in Future days,
His Office He Will Leave,
and Our Country We Will Retrieve!
Already I’ve looked Death in the Eye,
I Don’t Want to Die!
Duke Sherman

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