Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Bewitched

Your Beauty,
is unimaginative,
like a Diamond or Ruby!
I could’ve never immagined,
a love like this,
could exist!
Me, you have bewitched,
with a love so rich!
Like a dream,
my love so seems,
to ever grow,
and does overflow!
My heart run’th over,
with love for you!
Like a great composer,
my love is written so true!
No love could be better,
than to be with you for ever!
As I count the stars,
your love outweighs them by far!
Never will there be,
a love greater than thee,
with you, I’ll have my “Family Tree”!
I love you more than life.
I thank you for being my wife!
Duke Sherman

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