Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Dog My Son

‘tis been over a year since I lost my “Littleman”!
He thought he was human,
I considered him my son!
I delivered him from his mother,
he thought I was his father!
He followed instructions to the letter,
no dog on earth could be better!
We were together always,
through all of his living days!
My baby got scared to death,
Asthma-he couldn’t catch his breath!
I was in Houston,
when my Littleman met his end!
The dog I believe had a soul,
my puppy was just two years old!
He was a “Blue Dapple” Dachshund,
but to me he was my son!
I now feel so alone,
without my Littleman in my home!
I will never again have a pet
this my life I will bet! 
I don’t know why,
my sweet dog had to die!
Duke Sherman

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