Saturday, January 22, 2011

She Winked At Me

I can’t help but to think,
of that girl who sent me a wink!
I glanced at her as she passed,
that girl had class!
She had jet black hair,
down to her waist she did wear!
She’s the moist beautiful of all living creatures!
She’s set my heart afire,
and in my mind turned on all my desires!
When she smiled and winked at me,
to be with her is all I could see!
I wish upon all the stars in the sky,
that she would give us a try!
I haven’t felt this way,
in many a day!
It’s her I need to find,
‘cause she’s constantly on my mind!
And I’m here to say,
I want her in every way!
I can say positively,
I fell in love with her instantly!
Like an Angel she walked,
I didn’t see any fault!
Night and day,
she’s on my mind always!
The prettiest girl,
in all the world!
Duke Sherman

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