Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where Can my Heart Be"

Where can’th my heart be?
I lost it when she,
walked out the door!
She stoled it from me,
for evermore!
I loved her so much,
her gentle touch,
made my quiver,
now I cry a river!
She was my wife,
she was my life!
I won’t survive,
I no longer feel alive!
Why did she leave,
no longer did she believe?
I need her so,
Why did she go?
Never did I cheat,
nor her did I beat!
I treated her like Gold,
she takes off as if I were mold!
What of our children?
How will they function?
What of their feelings?
How about their well being?
I will do my best,
but that is so much less,
than two parents they need,
in order to succeed!
Life threw us a jolt,
like a lightning bolt!
Will we recover?
I guess we’ll discover!
Duke Sherman

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