Saturday, January 22, 2011

You Are The Only Girl

You are the only girl,
in this world!
The only girl that can understand,
how to make me feel like a man!
You have the gentle touch,
that of an Angel’s touch!
The only girl for me,
without you I couldn’t be!
I am the man,
I am,
because of you!
I love you!
You’ll write me a letter,
when I’m down to make me feel better!
Only words of an Angel could say:
I love you more every day!
You are the deepest of my thoughts,
without you I would be lost!
You’re the inspiration of my every desire,
with only you can my love transpire!
You’re so irresistible,
You’re magical!
Your presence I can’t resist,
without you I wouldn’t exist!
Duke Sherman

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