Saturday, January 22, 2011

You're More Beautiful Than A Rose

You’re more beautiful than a rose,
or any music that can be composed!
On you no make-up is necessary,
you loveliness is extraordinary!
When I’m close to you; I melt like butter,
and my heart begins to flutter!
And the smile on your face,
causes me to gaze!
Your shiney black hair,
has a Heavenly glare!
Your eyes Emerald green,
and the prettiest I’ve ever seen!
There’s not a trace,
of a wrinkle on your face!
Your lips are sweet and moist,
my kisses are foist!
Your touch is so tender,
I have to surrender!
You have an Angel’s disposition,
and remarkable intuition!
You help all in need,
so they can succeed!
In your heart there’s no room for greed!
I’ve never seen you angered,
and never seen you slander!
You’re a woman so perfect,
your actions does this reflect!
God left nothing out creating you,
and I’m a lucky man to have you!
Duke Sherman

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