Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best Unit The Army Has

“11th Calvary”
In Nam,
I was with the 11th cav.,
best Unit the Army has!
We never lost a battle,
most battles we chose!
We wern’t afraid of them to tackle,
total “Hell” on them we’d impose!
Our “MOTTO” was:
“Never Give Up-
nor Admit Defeat”!
There was no retreat!
‘We are the Cav.,
the 11th Cav.
We’ll see you in hell”!
to the Enemy we would yell!
We believed in the Cause!
An Armored Division,
we would strike with precision!
Known as “The Black Horse”,
we were a Mighty Force!
We bought our tickets to Hell,
paid for with our Souls!
Many of my Brethren fell,
but the enemy we controlled!
The ground painted red,
with them who bled!
As my brothers laid and die,
I could hear the cry:
I am proud to be American,
I would do it again!
Sgt Duke Sherman
2/11th ACR
Black Horse Soldiers
Vietnam Veteran

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