Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Full Of History

Some tell me,
I’m full of history!
Sure-I’ve been around,
been to War,
and seen the “Battleground!
I’ve witnessed events “Prewar”,
as well as “Postwar”!
I’ve been around the world,
seen the best-and the worst!
I’ve known people famous,
some very gracious,
and courageous!
I knew “Bing Crosby”,
no man more friendly!
General Westmorland,
no braver man in Vietnam!
I’ve been through 13 Presidents,
some I liked-and some I didn’t!
7 Democrats-6 Republican!
Some do nothing,
some do what they can!
I’ve seen good men assassinated,
and bad men executed!
I’ve experienced many things,
and done just about everything!
I guess I have history,
but-I’m still just me!
Duke Sherman

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