Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas Greetings

Christmas is almost here,
and I fear,
we are loosing the meaning
of the Christmas greeting!
When we say “Merry Christmas”,
it is translated to Christ’s Mass!
Those that don’t believe,
wish to achieve,
their UN-Godly ways,
and Christ betray!
Atheist’ don’t believe in anything,
surely not in the Supreme being!  
They still persist,
that Christ disn’t exist!
Nor did God create us,
in nothing do they trust!
Every year goes by,
a little more they try,
to take from our holy holiday,
and our right to pray!
They say we infringe on them,
and Christmas they condemn!
I respect all Religeons,
but to Christians-they are unforgiving!
Let us be,
Freedom of Religeon have we!
Let us celebrate Christ’s Birthday,
on Christmas Day!
Duke Sherman

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