Saturday, January 22, 2011


Why are you so prejudice?
Why are you so unjust?
Where did you learn-
that attitude?
You bring me great concern,
of extreme magnitude!
It’s people like you,
with belief’s so cruel,
that prevents a man,
from being all he can!
Better read the “Good Book”,
and take a Good Look!
We are all brothers,
 just from different mothers!
We all came from Africa,
you need life’s Curricula!
The Garden of Edan was there,
not elswhere!
Our ancestors were black,
Read God’s almanac!
Intelligence do you lack?
Does not matter the color of skin,
all our hearts are the same within!
Our blood is all red,
no matter what bigots have said!
There is no difference,
just our appearance! 
Prejudice is wrong,
to God we all belong!
Red-Yellow-Black-Brown, or White,
we are all precious in his sight!
We all live together on this planet,
that’s the way God planned it!
For better or worse,
our lives are diverse,
let’s discard Satin’s curse!
We’ll live in peace,
life’s “Brotherhood” will increase!
Duke Sherman

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