Saturday, January 22, 2011


Giselle Diaz             LasVegas-...

I know a Diva from Vegas,
her name is Madame Moselle Diaz!
Her Beauty is Devine,
it’ll drive you out of you Mind!
She’s got a “Coke Bottle” figure,
Such a Lovely Creature!
She’s as Graceful as a “Gazelle”,
This “Goddess” named Giselle!
Her perfect Tan,
is sure to turn the head of any man!
Hair Dark Brown,
and Eyes Bluish Green!
Quite Mesmerizing in her Gown,
more Beautiful than I’ve ever seen!
When She looks at you,
you’ll act a Fool!
Wanting to make an Impression,
you’ll offer all you possessions!
Her Lips painted Red,
Gorgeous “Drop Dead”!
Of this you can be Sure,

you catch Her eye-they’ll call you Sir!


Duke Sherman 

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