Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ronnie Reagan

Ronald Reagan President 1981-1989
There are great men in History;
to this Man, there’s no Mystery!
Of all our Presidents,
his Deeds were most Evident!
He was a “Wiz” in Economics,
introduced “Trickle down” Economics!
California’s Governor from 67 to 75,
California experienced much Less Strive!
President from 81 to 89,
for our Country-he did Fine!,
He put Qaddafi in his Place,
Freedom Mr President did Embrace! 
Caused Communism to Fall,
opened the “Berlin Wall!
He Loved this Country,
and kept it Free,
a better President not to be!
He was born in 1911,
sent to us from Heaven!
But we lost him in 2001,
an Angel he would Become!
So let’s Pray for the “Gipper”,
Our Nation’s Beloved Skipper!
Duke Sherman

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