Saturday, January 22, 2011

God Gave Me A Perfect Wife

What would I do-
without you?
My life would be bland,
I’d be less a man!
You give me reason,
You’re my life’s completion!
When I feel down,
and on my face a frown,
you simply say to me:
how you are my devotee!
You make me feel alive,
and make me thrive,
to better your life!
Your perfect in every way,
Every day,
is like a holiday!
I would certainly cry,
and would probably die,
I would fall into depression,
my life in full regression!
I couldn’t exist,
I would be on Death’s list!
Without you I’m nothing,
I need your sweet touching!
We are each other’s Soul mate,
our hearts does this accommodate!
Our love was made in heaven,
we need no other possession!
What God has given me in my life,
is no more than a perfect wife!
I love you more,
than the day before,
and every day goes by,
more than all the stars in the sky!
Duke Sherman

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