Saturday, January 22, 2011

If You Were My Wife

If you were my wife,
I would treat you right!
I would keep you safe,
On you heart I would engrave,
my love for you,
This I promise true!
This man you’re with,
has got me pissed!
I cannot stand,
an abusive man!
Why do you stay,
let me take you away?
You, he doesn’t deserve,
He’s no more than a Perve!
To beat a woman,
he’s not a man!
He is a coward,
think’s he’s got power!
He’s got nothing,
but the Devil’s touching!
He need’s to go to prison,
those cons will teach him a lesson!
He’ll be their “Bitch”,
he’ll probably get “Bitch Hitched”!
He’ll see how it feels,
his “Manhood” they will steel!
If you were mine,
I would treat you fine!
Duke Sherman 

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