Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Did I Do?

Why do you treat me so?
What I did, I don’t know!
I’ve never treated you bad,
I’ve never made you sad!
I am bewildered,
and feel great discomfort!
Did you find another?
I’ve never been with another!
I don’t cheat,
and you I don’t mistreat!
I’ve given you everything,
look at that ring!
I’ve loved you with all my heart,
from the very start!
Now you find someone new,
where is your rendezvous?
What in hell did I do?
I have always loved you,
and you are untrue!
My life is done,
I no longer want anyone!
Get out of here,
what I’ll do, I fear!
I have been betrayed,
and all you can say,
“I’m sorry”!
I am melancholy!
Please just go,
Heaven only knows,
what will become of you,
What will you do?
Good bye,
I don’t want you to see me cry!
I hope you live long,
and never forget this wrong!
Duke Sherman

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