Saturday, January 22, 2011

Have I Ever Told You?

Have I ever told you,
about the first time I saw you?
I seen you walking down the street,
and told myself: That’s the girl I want to meet!
In my mind all I could see,
you were the girl for me!
I said me: 
That’s the girl you’re going to marry!
I seen such lovliness,
and saw you as my Empress!
All I knew,
was that I loved you!
‘twas love at first sight,
and since; I’ve dreamed of you every night!
What a lucky man I am,
to have been gifted with you as my woman!
Every day that passes by,
you make me feel more alive!
Even after all these years; you’re still lovely,
more so, you’re downright Heavenly!
My soul still burns with desire,
for you like the hottest fire!
and as you sleep at night,
I think to my self: What a Beautiful sight!
“God sent me an Angel to love,
from the Heavens above!
I love you!
Duke Sherman

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