Saturday, January 22, 2011

We'll Be Together Again

You’re my one and only,
for you I’m so lonely!
Without you,
I know not what to do!
What will become of me?
You were my life,
my very reason to survive!
Our love was so great,
we knew instantly we were soulmates!
Why’d you have to die?
I can;t help but to constantly cry!
The thing that hurts the most,
I never told you my thoughts innermost!
We were to marry,
and you were my visionary!
You seen our future,
sailing the world in a Schooner!
You died on that lonely road,
on a night so very cold!
The place is marked with a cross,
covered in moss!
I’ll love you always,
for the rest of my days!
I miss you my love,
but know you’re in Heaven above!
I’ll see you there one day,
if God hears me pray!
You were my first and only,
I’ll live out my life lonely!
My Darling I love you,
and know this to be true!
I’ll see you where you waid,
at Heavens Gate!
In the end,
we’ll be together again!
Duke Sherman

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