Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hey Girl

Hey there Girl;
‘tis a big world!
Every time I see you cry,
I want to die!
Don’t be so sad,
he treated you bad!
When I see you this way,
I want to kiss those tears away!
I love you girl,
and I’ll give you the world!
I’ve loved you from the beginning,
and it’s never ending!
No need to think of him,
his future’s dim!
You and me,
we have the future you see!
I’ll treat you good,
like a real man should!
Look at you,
your eyes are blck and blue!
I’ll treat you like a Queen,
like no woman has ever seen!
Marry me today,
and I’ll make you happy!
Never again,
will you have to worry about him!
He wasn’t good for uou,
He didn’t love you,
like I do!
He’s a user,
and an abuser!
Now he’ll be alone,
and you and I will be as one!
Duke Sherman

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