Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Year Forty-two

It’s year forty-two,
and I still think of you!
Our love was great,
I knew it on our first date!
You taught me to be who I am,
and to become a man!
My first love were you,
and I deeply loved you too!
It was the first time for us both,
about sex we really didn’t know!
It was good we thought,
but our parent’s hell it bought!
We were seperated,
even though a child had been created!
You were sixteen,
and I was seventeen!
The Judge said: The Army or jail,
I chose the “Dusty Trail”!
I went to Vietnam to fight,
but thought of you day and night!
I loved you more than ever!
I thought it would last forever!
My letters came back without an answer,
I had to be counsiled by my commander!
I didn’t even have,
a single photograph!
I didn’t understand,
you were foeced to mary another man!
What of our child I’ll never know,
but that his name is Joe!
He’s forty years old!
Duke Sherman

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