Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Love Women Too Much

I’m fifty-eight,
in life, it’s not late!
I’m going strong,
moving right along!
My love life is good,
maybe misunderstood!
My children say I’m too old,
and that I need to be controlled!
They say I’m no longer twenty,
and my younger days I had plenty!
This may be true,
but love makes my life renewed!
Must I grow old and die?
Or should I try,
to live life to the fullest,
as a vibrant individualist! 
I love women to much,
to be without their gentle touch!
I would surely miss,
the taste of their sweet kiss!
I see nothing wrong,
with not becoming withdrawn! 
I will not stay home alone,
as if I was a Drone!
I must retain a mate,
that is my final fate!
Duke Sherman

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