Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Am Alone

Why do I have no one,
to call my own?
What have I done,
must I stay alone?
My life’s full of sorrow,
I wish there was no tomorrow!
I too have a heart,
Hell my life’s falling apart!
I would be better off dead,
I can’t stand what’s in my head!
I’ve done my best always,
now I wish to end my days!
I am lonely so,
to do-I don’t know!
I want to have a Soul’s Mate,
but I guess-it’s not my fate!
I will die alone,
me-all have disowned!
I can’t bare the thought,
I am so distraught!
What to do,
what to do?
Why must I go through,
what I do?
I need love so much,
I need a woman’s soft touch!
No one to carry on,
I don’t even have a son!
My life is worthless,
it has no purpose!
I want to die,
I’m looking “Death” in the eye!
I’ve prayed,
and I’ve prayed,
every single day,
and still I’m alone,
I have no one!
Duke Sherman

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