Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Sister In Law

I know a Girl named Anna,
She’s a Beautiful Latina!
So Sweet and Thoughtful,
and Amazingly Delightful!
She’s a Great Mother,
and a Wife to my Brother!
My Sister in Law,
She Puts me in Awe!
Her Eyes are Brown,
She Never wears a Frown!
Her Hair is Auburn,
My Brother’s Soul Burns,
as if on fire,
with Great Desire!
Her Body is Slender,
her Demeanor is Tender!
She is of Small Height,
and a Pleasurable Sight!
My Interpretation,
She’s my Brother’s Inspiration!
He Would be Loss’d,
if her Love he did Cost!
She Works all Day
tne Bills she Helps Pay!
Then Works Hard Nightly,
to Take Care of Her Family!
I can Say for Sure,
I am Proud to Know Her!
Duke Sherman

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