Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Love Women

Photo of two lovers walking on the beach at sunset.           
I love women,
probably more than most men!
I love the way they look,
and love the way they cook! 
I love the way they smell,
and other things I dare not tell!
I love the way they walk,
and the way they “Flirting” talk!
I love to run my fingers through their hair,
and the way their eyes look when they stare!
I love the way they nibble on my neck,
causes me to have a nice reflex!
I love how their lips taste like honey,
I’d rather their kiss more than money!
I love to walk on the beach’s sands,
while holding their gentle hands!
And when I caress their soft skin,
I always feel like a lucky man!
Duke Sherman 

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