Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Dreamed Last Night

1968, north vietnamese, viet cong, u.s., south vietnamese, the vietnam war, tet offensive

~I dream of Vietnam at night
and a Bloody Firefight~
~Brought back some terrible memories,
with such vivid clarity~
~It was bloody, a horrifying mess
so much useless death~
~The fight began the night before
like so many did before~
~You could never ever see
that God forsaken enemy~
~One hundred good men died that night
in that terrible Firefight~
~They were my Brothers and my friends
that met their Hellish end~
~So very red was the mud
from the dead my Brother's blood~
~Some I could not recognize
what I seen before my eyes~
~Some of my Brother dead
had lost their very  heads~
~Still I lay awake at night
thinking of that Firefight~

Sgt Duke Sherman
G Troop, 2/11 ACR
Blackhorse Trooper
Vietnam 1971

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