Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Miss You

I miss my Love so true,
‘tis the reason I’m so blue!
I’ve got a new job and doing well,
to call and let her know would be swell!
I’m just so lonely without my girl,
the only one I love in this world!
I hurt so very much,
especially when I think of her gentle touch!
And the sweet taste of my girl’s kiss,
Dear God I can’t resist!
I can’t even sleep at night,
for my heartache I must fight!
She’s my heart’s every desire,
and for her my soul burns like fire!
I see her in all my dreams,
she shines on them like a bright moonbeam!
A Love like mine,
only comes “Once Upon A Time”!
Without her I don’t want to be,
nor can I ever live happily!
I Love my girl more than my life,
to be without her causes me unbearable strife!
I truely Love this girl you see,
and there can be no other for me!
Duke Sherman 

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