Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Miss My Friend

Again I am reminiscing,                              
about my time from the past!
To myself I’m asking:
Why couldn’t those days last?
I was young,
and full of spunk!
My girl was pretty,
she could purr like a kitty!
My friend was still alive,
together is how we survived!
We went our separate ways,
and he died one day!
He was my “Best Friend”,
until the very end!
I miss him today,
as I do every day!
There isn’t a time,
he’s not on my mind!
When he died,
I actually cried!
He I can see,
he’s watching over me!
There’s times I talk with him,
from my heart within!
I loved him like my brother,
a friend like no other!
I miss you Geary!
Duke Sherman

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