Saturday, January 22, 2011


If you could see Cameron,
that’s my grandson!
You would see,
not much-but a little of me!
He’s as cute as a button,
but he cries allot for nothing!
I guess maybe,
that’s because he’s a baby!
He eat’s pretty good,
a little more than he should!
A little wild,
but I love my grandchild!
I have many you know?
But he’s less than a year old!
He’s quite ticklish,
and giggles quite gibberish!
Spits up allot,
got to carry a pot!
Just a little joke,
laughter I like to invoke!
He has a beautiful smile,
sadness it will reconcile!
His little brown eyes,
makes your smile materialize!
I love my grandson,
my little Cameron!
Duke Sherman

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