Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Remember A Night In December

I remember,
a night in December!
We were watching it snow,
and how it’s flakes glowed!
Watching the children play,
and singing:
“Jingle Bells” all the way,
and hearing church bells ringing!
A fire in the Fire Place,
put a smile on your face!
We sat on the floor, 
i loved what you wore!
A Nighty-It was Red,
bought it for me-you said!
We decided to Marry,
my favorite Memory!
We held hands and talked,
later we took a walk!
‘twas a pleasant night,
snow made for a pretty sight!
‘twas the best night in my life,
when you agreed to be my wife!
Darling-“You Light Up My Life”
Duke Dherman

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