Saturday, January 22, 2011


Here I sit at my Computer,
tweeting away with “twitter”,
and Poeting on “tumblr”!
With the World I Communicate,
and to be a Poet ‘tis my Fate!
When I tweet,
people around the world I Meet!
“tumblr” too presents a pleasant Treat,
Poets from every land I Meet!
Together their the perfect Family,
I sit at my Computer-and type Happily!
My children say I’m a Computerolic,
And I say it’s better than an Alcoholic!
Before I had “twitter” and “tumblr”,
I was nothing but a “Day Dreamer”!
Now I have become a Dream Creator!
My poetry has given me peace of Mind,
without it-My Sanity I wouldn’t Find!
I have P.T.S.D,
and sometimes it get’s the best of Me!
And to be able to read it Aloud,
that makes me very Proud!
So I wish to thank both twitter,
and tumblr,
You are a great and loyal Family!
Duke Sherman

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