Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Remember When I Was In The Nam

I remember when I was in Nam,
I really missed my mom!
But I missed my girl too,
more than anything-that made me blue!
I had lost her you see,
Jody took her away from me!
She said in the letter,
it was probably for the better!
I still to this day don’t see,
what was better for me!
Jody was and is a rotten man,
he still takes a Soldier’s girl if he can!
I eventually got over her,
and Jody dumped her I’m sure!
But when you’re in war and all alone,
you need someone at home to call your own!
When you hear that you lost your girl,
it feel as if you lost your whole world!
In war you have more than enough strife,
you sure as hell don’t need anymore in your life!
Duke Sherman

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