Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Long For A Revelation

I long for a revelation,
how to change my life’s destination!
My heart is in constant pain,
for in love I have no gain!
I’ve been through more women,
than have most men!
I’ve treated them all good,
like a man in love should!
None of them I’ve mistreated,
but most of them have cheated!
The ways of today,
are so different from yesterday!
Sex is just a thing,
who cares about a wedding ring!
I believe in being faithful,
the latter to me is quite distasteful!
I hope that one day,
my “Soul Mate” will come my way!
For now I live a lonely life,
without someone to call my wife!
I sit alone every day,
I’m afraid my life will end that way!
Every day that goes by,
I feel like hiding so I can cry!
What did I do to desreve this fate,
not to even have a mate?
If my life doesn’t change soon,
I’ll start spending all my time in a saloon!
I’ll drown all my sorrows,
and just won’t think about tomorrow!
Duke Sherman

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