Saturday, January 22, 2011

My yahoo Lover

DUKE Sherman
I wait ‘til early morn for you,
to contact me by yahoo!
I pray every day,
you’ll be with me someday!
I love you so very true,
I don’t want to be without you!
I hate that you’re stuck there,
and I can’t help you get here!
I feel so helpless,
it makes me restless!
If I was a Puppet,
you could sit on a bucket,
and pull my strings!
You could make me do anything! 
But we are separated,
and I’ve become exasperated!
When I don’t talk to you-I’m sad,
then afterwards I don’t feel so bad!
You are my fate,
my very “Soul Mate”!
I love you,
and can’t be without you!
Duke Sherman

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