Saturday, January 22, 2011

I've Often Been Told

I've often been told:
You don’t look 58 years old!
I may have kept younger looks,
but from within many years were took!
I’ve lived my years over and over,
and I feel many years older!
Now my heart still pumps sweet love,
God bessed me with that from above!
In that I’m as strong as any man,
I can show big love to any woman!
I may not be a Saint,
but I’ve never had a complaint!
I am a Scorpio,
our reputation women do know!
Our hearts show great desire,
and for love-they burn like fire!
But sometimes we fall in love too easy,
and sometimes the women are sleazy!
I’ve been through plenty,
taken advantage of by many!
with love-I’m not yet done,
I’m still looking for the right one!
I will find her one day,
I just have to Pray!
Duke Sherman

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