Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's Reminisce

Let’s be Friends,
and reminisce,
about what could’ve been?
We’ll make “Love”-the centerpiece!
We can talk about everything,
we can drink a Beer-and a song sing!
I remember Sue,
I loved her-but she made me Blue!
Then there was Sally,
she was a Girl who kept me Happy!
There was Jenny,
she collected Pennies!
Sophi’-Rosie-Kathy-and Louise,
all were my main Squeeze!
But I’ve never found the “One”!
You know-The Girl I could say,
my Heart she Won!
Day after Day,
I Longed to Say:
“I Love You”-
to the Girl of my Dreams,
but for me-Life’s not Deemed!
Now I sit here,
Drinking a few Beers!
This is not a Life,
I need to find a Wife!
She doesn’t have to be Beautiful,
just in Love-be Bountiful!
We must have in Common,
Feelings that are Awesome!
If I could Describe,
the Perfect Wife,
she would Possess,
a Heart-that God has Blessed!
I would Honor Her,
Cherish-and protect Her!
For my Wife,
I would even give my Life!
I want to have a Child!
I would sit with him-and Play awhile!
A Family you See,
we’d Live happily!
I’d do all I can,
to be a Perfect Man!
I’d make my Wife Proud,
so much-She’d Yell Out Loud:
“I Love This Man”,
all a Woman Can!
My Soul would be Her’s for,
She would be my “Venus”,
My Love-“Multitudinous
My life made Compelete,
by this Woman I would Meet!
Duke Sherman

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