Saturday, January 22, 2011

You Are Black And I Am White

interracial wedding cake topper
I’d like to Be,
Happy-and Free!
In all that I Do,
to include-Loving You!
I’m tired of Hearing,
those unkindly Greetings!
Those Prejudice Words,
they really do Hurt!
You are Black-I am White,
what for is there to Fight!
I Love You-and You Me,
why can’t these Bigots See,
not matters the Color of Skin,
only the Love from Within!
You are my Soul Mate,
that’s our Godly Fate!
You were meant for Me,
why can’t people let us Be?
I will always Love You,
no matter what they Say or Do!
You are My Woman,
and I Your Man!
No better Love Can,
there be in this Land!
Duke Sherman

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