Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Letter To My Children

“My Children”
To my children,
to now from way back when:
My love for you,
has been always true!
As I watcthed you grow,
I want you to know-
you’ve been my heart,
from the very start!
You see,
your names came from me!
I picked every name carefully,
to help shape your Destiny!
I had no favorite,
all of you were my favorite!
I would’ve given anything,
to give you everything!
I’m sorry I wasn’t always there,
but life isn’t always fair!
Your mom-and I seperated,
‘twas a marriage complicated!
We were from different worlds,
and made your little lives worse!
I know you can see,
‘twas not meant to be!
But know this to be true,
I have-and always will love you!
Duke Sherman

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