Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Letter To Rachael

My Daughter Rachael;
you were quite a hand full!
But I loved you all your days,
even with all your ways!
You were an “Army Brat”,
we live in an Army Habitat!
You were somewhat wild,
but you were my child!
You had to grow up fast,
so your childhood didn’t last!
Broken Marriages didn’t help much,
or not having a Mother’s touch!
I wish I could’ve done better,
maybe we’d still be together!
But life is sometimes crule,
there is no set rule!
I was just a man, 
doing the best I can!
Your Mother and I tried,
but the love we had- had died!
One day you went away,
that was not a good day!
There was nothing I could do,
I had lost you!
But remember always,
I’ll love you all my days!
Your Father,
Duke Sherman

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