Saturday, January 22, 2011

You're My Grandson

You are my Grandson,
my little man son!
To me you are Dear,
let’s wipe away those Tears!
I am always here for You,
what ever you need me to Do!
You have such a big Smile,
and when you giggle-I laugh Awhile!
So smile for me again,
and let the crying come to an End!
That’s a good little Boy, 
let’s get you a Toy!
Awe-you fell asleep on my Shoulder,
I can’t wait until you get Older!
You’ill be of great Fame,
maybe the star of a Foot Ball Game!
No-you’ll be President of the United States,
that will be your Fate!
Famous you’ll Be,
for the whole world to See!
So sleep now and get your Rest,
you’re growing up to be our Nation’s Best!
Duke Sherman

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