Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mary Of "Migdol"

Mary Magdalene,                                         
was a village prostitute,
in Hebrew: “Migdol”!
She came to Jesus,
to resolute,
with the Lord so precious!
With her hair-she washed his feet,
no other would perform this feat!
She received a revelation,
denied all her temptations!
She followed his words,
everyone that she heard!
She never waivered,
she stayed true to the Savior!
Became a diciple,
Jesus bestowed on her the title!
She was first to see his Resurrection,
and mistook his identification!
It was easy to see,
why this could be!
She was far away from him,
it was early in the morning!
But when he spoke to her,
his identity did she concur!
Mary’s Revelation,
gave her Salvation!
Duke Sherman 

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