Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Wife Is: I Don't Know Where

My God;
My life I can no longer bare!
My wife is: “I don’t know where”,
and my kids have deserted me!
I do not know,
where I’m to go!
I’ve lost my spouse,
and I’ve lost my house!
Now I’m on the streets,
praying my death to meet!
I do pray tel,
my life is living Hell!
What did you say?
You’ll give me a place to stay?
You are a good friend!
You’ll feed me too?
You are too good to be true!
You know-let’s go out,
drink a shot that’s “Stout”!
I’ll stop feeling sorry for me,
plenty of new fish in the sea!
My life’s not at an end!
Thank’s my friend!
Duke Sherman

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