Saturday, January 22, 2011

No More I'd Rather Do

Why are you crying?
My soul is dying!
What saddened you,
what can I do?
My love so true,
tell me why,
you cry!
Tears falling down-
your face,
My heart drops,
to the ground,
and nearly stops!
It ache’s,
at an odd pace,
my heart hurts,
for you!
It’s Love’s curse!
Tell me true,
what hurt you?
Why do you smile?
Oh-Tears of joy,
you say!
Now I feel like a boy!
Let’s cuddle awhile!
Make “Love”, and stay,
home today!
No more I’d rather do,
then to be alone with you!
For I love you with my life,
my Beautiful, Precious wife!
Duke Sherman

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