Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Point man

As I crawl through the night,
I ready for a fight!
My military training kicks in,
my comrades’ lives are my burden!
The enemy’s all around,
in the trees and on the ground!
I’m on my belly and elbows,
I know there could be no tomorrow!
I must be quiet you see,
to avoid the enemy!
I am the “Point Man”,
and my buddies’ lives are in my hands!
The enemy’s just up ahead,
one wrong move and I’ll be dead!
I pray to God all the way,
that I’ll live to see another day!
I can hear them on the trail,
Please God; I mustn’t fail!
I must send their position,
and the movement of their direction!
I am a Scout in the 11th Calvary,
failure is unsatisfactory!
Sgt Duke Sherman
G-Troop, 2/11 ACR
Black Horse Soldiers
Vietnam Veteran

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