Saturday, January 22, 2011

Poor Little Girl

What are you doing,    
out in the cold?
The weather’s quite cooling,
and you’re not that old!
Where’s your family?
You could freeze to death,
Have you eaten?
You’ve been beatened!
Who did this to you,
who could be so cruel?
Come-get out of the cold,
you’re only 13 years old!
I’ll feed you-and find you a place,
now put a smile on your face!
Poor little girl,
your young life’s in a whorl!
Who put you on the streets,
this guy I’d like to meet!
This creep needs a lesson,
i’m feeling aggression!
To turn a baby out,
without morals no doubt!
No young girl should go though,
the things that you do!
You will be safe now,
I’ll protect you!
I will not allow,
no more men to touch you!
You have a good head,
and a long life ahead!
No need to waist it,
on that “Son of a Bitch”!
Duke Sherman

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