Saturday, January 22, 2011

Remembering My Mother

My Mom-and I were,
like Sister-and Brother!
We grew up together!
You see,
she was young when she had me!
We had a special relationship,
one of loving friendship!
She was only sixteen,
at my birth!
For a teen,
and unmarried Mother,
hard times were seen!
So I was thought to be,
the child of my Grandmother,
But-My Mother loved me!
As we grew together,
our love grew stonger,
and life got much better!
I had many siblings,
my mom did everything,
to suppot us well!
Her husbands gave her Hell,
and made things worse!
That was my Mom’s curse!
But we stayed up every night,
and talked-we were very “Tight”!
I could tell her anything,
she would tell me everything!
We were Son-and Mother,
but more like Sister-and Brother!
I cried,
when my Mother died!
She wasn’t that old,
and I wasn’t told!
Until after her funeral,
they say it was beautiful!
I didn’t get to say Good-bye!
If I knew-I would’ve tried!
I loved my Mother,
and for a time-my Sister!
To your mother never say,
something bad,
because you’re mad!
You may loose her one day!
Duke Sherman

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