Saturday, January 22, 2011

Romancing Racheal

My heart stopped suddenly,     
when I seen your beauty!
‘twas a heavenly site,
my eyes lit up like a light!
Thinking of being with you,
makes my mind stew,
with wonderful thoughts,
of a love that could be,
if foretold by “Destiny”!
Please-Give me one chance,
for this Romance,
to become a reality?
Let’s make it our “Destiny”?
I would treat you like Gold,
until I’m so very old!
I’d be good to you,
of this you can know true!
My heart overflows,
you’re lovelier than a Rose!
I want so very much,
to feel your soft touch!
To receive your sweet kiss,
would put me in “Bliss”!
I would endeavorer,
to love you forever!
So pleasant on the eyes,
like an Angel in disguise!
I would give up my life,
to make you my wife!
Please give me a chance,
let’s have this Romance?
Duke Sherman

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